Friday, 23 May 2008

Linzi on Impact Music

Linzi stars on another bands and artists website - Impact Music - check her out >>

Linzi on Dansatak

Linzi stars on the new classical artists website Dansatak

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Linzi Encourages kids to take up the violin

Lovely article. Here are Linzi's top tips:

« Feng Shui Solutions to Life ProblemsMy Roman Dog Mosaic Now Finished - Here’s a Photo »World-Class Electric Violin Player Linzi Stoppard Encourages Kids to Take Up the Violin

At age twenty-nine, British electric violinist Linzi Stoppard gives electrifying performances of Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings, which seems to be her signature piece at most performances. Even more amazing, this beautiful woman prances around the stage, rock concert style, wearing high heels and classy designer costumes. When I looked up information on her, I found she is also a professional model. Videos on YouTube feature her performances in the music capitals of Europe. If Samuel Barber were alive today, I’d love to see his reaction to her interpretation.

In this performance, she rocks Adagio for Strings on the electric violin, in London (2:56):

Here is how audiences react to her, this performance filmed at the Alexandra Palace, also in London (just like a rock concert):

Linzi also performs for schoolchildren, at their elementary schools, and inspires them to take up the violin. Here is her advice:

“The electric violin can be a real alternative to the commonplace guitar. “

She recommends five steps for young people interested in the electric violin. “My five steps are:

1.) Buy yourself a starter electric violin and amp combo from Ebay. check that it works, if you can.

2.) Learn the basics, such as scales, and bowing techniques, from a couple of How to Play the Violin books, and DVD’s.

3.) Sign up through a local college for some group violin lessons, and mix with like-minded people.

4.) Use your musical influences to experiment and develop your own sounds.

5.) Never stop believing in yourself, and take every opportunity to get out thee, and play live. If I can do it, you can!”

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