Monday, 1 September 2008

Linzi performs at Ascot Charity Ball

The annual Ascot Charity Ball, one of the most prestigious and elegant evenings in the Ascot social calendar, took place at the stylish Pavilions at Royal Ascot Racecourse recently. The sparkling and well-attended evening began with a champagne reception, before over 300 glamorous guests enjoyed the gala dinner and fantastic entertainment, including an electrifying performance from virtuoso violinist Linzi Stoppard and a show-stealing performance from ventriloquist Paul Zerdin.

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More on the Hell Boy II premier

Linzi Stoppard attends the Hell boy II premier -

Monday, 14 July 2008

Linzi models the most expensive Abaya

Linzi asked to model the world's most expensive Abaya ($350,000) >>

Bruce Oldfield creates the most expensive abaya
World famous British couture designer Bruce Oldfield has in collaboration with Crosley Diamonds of London created the world's most expensive abaya (Islamic dress).

The abaya that Bruce has created is covered in 4,668 individual diamonds with a gold weight of 359.7 grams of white gold. The total carat weight of the diamonds is 85.13 carats, and the colour of the stones is g/h and clarity is vs quality. The diamonds are supplied by bespoke London diamond dealer Harriet Crosley of Crosley Diamonds.

Lucky Linzi

Linzi performs at the Annual AUDI Polo Awards 2008

Linzi performs at the Annual AUDI Polo Awards 2008 - view details here

FUSE support BAFTA's Screen Dreams

FUSE support BAFTA's Screen Dreams - see the details here

FUSE's new microsite

FUSE's microsite on

FUSE - Linzi's new band

FUSE team up with world class British electric violin manufacturer

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Linzi Stoppard & Ben Lee's debut video

Linzi Stoppard & Ben Lee's debut video is getting a global release on C Music TV see it here:

Linzi in new band - FUSE

Welcome to FUSE - Linzi's new electric rock violin group - acclaimed electric violinist Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee are renown for performing to AAA listers, royalty and launching super brands around the world. After much speculation FUSE have been confirmed as the 'face of' international classical chillout music-video TV channel C Music TV. To celebrate, FUSE's head-turning video 'Glorious' will premiere across the globe on the C Music TV network.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Friday, 23 May 2008

Linzi on Impact Music

Linzi stars on another bands and artists website - Impact Music - check her out >>

Linzi on Dansatak

Linzi stars on the new classical artists website Dansatak

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Linzi Encourages kids to take up the violin

Lovely article. Here are Linzi's top tips:

« Feng Shui Solutions to Life ProblemsMy Roman Dog Mosaic Now Finished - Here’s a Photo »World-Class Electric Violin Player Linzi Stoppard Encourages Kids to Take Up the Violin

At age twenty-nine, British electric violinist Linzi Stoppard gives electrifying performances of Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings, which seems to be her signature piece at most performances. Even more amazing, this beautiful woman prances around the stage, rock concert style, wearing high heels and classy designer costumes. When I looked up information on her, I found she is also a professional model. Videos on YouTube feature her performances in the music capitals of Europe. If Samuel Barber were alive today, I’d love to see his reaction to her interpretation.

In this performance, she rocks Adagio for Strings on the electric violin, in London (2:56):

Here is how audiences react to her, this performance filmed at the Alexandra Palace, also in London (just like a rock concert):

Linzi also performs for schoolchildren, at their elementary schools, and inspires them to take up the violin. Here is her advice:

“The electric violin can be a real alternative to the commonplace guitar. “

She recommends five steps for young people interested in the electric violin. “My five steps are:

1.) Buy yourself a starter electric violin and amp combo from Ebay. check that it works, if you can.

2.) Learn the basics, such as scales, and bowing techniques, from a couple of How to Play the Violin books, and DVD’s.

3.) Sign up through a local college for some group violin lessons, and mix with like-minded people.

4.) Use your musical influences to experiment and develop your own sounds.

5.) Never stop believing in yourself, and take every opportunity to get out thee, and play live. If I can do it, you can!”

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Monday, 14 April 2008

Get involved - CLIC sargent competition

Find out more here...

More on the band FUSE

Linzi was looking for a collaborator to help bring her vision and sound to life. Her manager (and husband) Will put the word out to a few of his old music clients and was quickly directed to one of Ben’s bands who had played a session for a producer Will used to manage.
The violinists met and the bond was instant - not only did Linzi and Ben share a limitless imagination, their musicianship and look complimented each other as well. Ben’s portable studio was another crucial element Will needed to realise their potential - they could record their ideas and sessions anywhere and at any time. In the autumn of 2007 FUSE, the electric violin duo was formed and they got to work immediately.

From Bridge Instruments >>

Linzi launches new band with Ben Lee - FUSE

Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee have been playing our violins for a number of years, and we’re very excited they have come together to form their new electric violin duo, ‘Fuse’. In support of their work with the CLIC Sargent charity, we are making two stunning gold custom violins for their performances with Fuse, and winners of the Share-a-Stage competition. What a fantastic opportunity for the winner of this competition to play onstage with these two outstanding violinists at Glastonbury.

Check out their Myspace site

Linzi Stoppard's new band - FUSE

Check out C Music channel - FUSE win race to be the face of C Music TV...!

Monday, 31 March 2008

Linzi Stoppard Biography found on Contactmusic..

Linzi Stoppard is an electric violinist; who pushes the boundaries of musical convention with her passionate, live sets of rock, chill, dance and contemporary melodies. Click here to read more about Linzi>>

Linzi Stoppard launches the competition called 'Share A Stage' at St Laurence School in Bradford on Avon.

Launched today is a nationwide competition to find a young musician or band to win the chance to play at Glastonbury Festival.

Linzi Stoppard, one half of the electric violin duo Fuse, launched the competition called 'Share A Stage' at St Laurence School in Bradford on Avon. The aim of 'Share a Stage' is to raise awareness for Practice-a-thon, a CLIC Sargent initiative designed to encourage young people to practice their music and raise money for children with cancer.>>

Linzi Stoppard at 'Share A Stage at Glastonbury' launch

Linzi Stoppard, electric violinist>>

Photos of Linzi at 'Share A Stage at Glastonbury' launch.

Linzi Stoppard in designer Wellingtons >>

Linzi Stoppard photographs at launch...

'Share a Stage at Glastonbury' photocall.>> features Linzi launching 'Share A Stage at Glastonbury'


The Daily Express feature of Linzi Stoppard launching "Share A Stage at Glastonbury"

Linzi Stoppard and her new band FUSE (members Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee) launch the "Share a Stage at Glastonbury" competition - to find a young band or musician to play with them at Glastombury Festival 2008>>

Linzi's photocall 5th March 2008

Share A Stage At Glastonbury held at the Intercontinental Hotel - Photocall
London, England - 05.03.08.>>

Linzi Stoppard photos at 'Share A Stage' launch

Epoch Times photographs Linzi Stoppard at 'Share a Stage'.>>

Linzi Stoppard - Share a Stage event

Linzi Stoppard- Share A Stage at Glastonbury held at the Intercontinental Hotel >>

Friday, 22 February 2008

Linzi at London Fashion Week

Linzi Stoppard and Hofit Golan attend the Jaeger Fall/Winter 2008/09 collection >>

Linzi views Jaeger during London Fashion Week

Jaeger- London Fashion week- Runway >>

Linzi Stoppard attends the Amanda Wakeley show

Amanda Wakeley- London Fashion Week, runway and front row >>

Pretty Polly invites Linzi to their launch

Pretty Polly Love Legs launch party >>

Linzi attends the Moet Block Party

The Moet Block Party, London Fashion Week >>

Photos of Linzi at H&M launch party

H&M Regent Street: Launch Party >>

Linzi attends H&M launch in Regent's Street

H & M launch their flagship store on Regent Street, London >>

Linzi attends premiere of Bank Job

British stars pull off Bank Job. >>

Linzi braves the chill to step out in London's Leicester Square

Whose chest fondle? >>

Linzi fronts Practice-A-Thon 2008 for CLIC Sargent charity

Linzi Supports Practice-a-thon >>

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Electric violinist in action - Linzi stoppard

Here she is playing in Cannes >>

More on Linzi in Lindt

Women with a sweet tooth should look away now. A designer to the stars has created the ultimate Christmas party dress for chocoholics...made from 1,000 luxury chocolate balls. (read all about it and see the pics at the daily mail...)

Lindka Cierach, who designed the Duchess of York's wedding dress, said her new design took several weeks of planning, and is made from 79,000 calories worth of Lindt chocolate balls and crystals.

"The Lindor Dress is the ultimate party dress that you can unwrap and indulge in," she said.

But the dress would be an expensive sweet treat. The bespoke gown would set you back £3,500.

The award-winning designer chose electric rock violinist Linzi Stoppard (daughter-in-law of playwright Sir Tom Stoppard) to launch the dress. Lindka said: "Linzi is an ideal choice - she is talented, beautiful and a fellow chocoholic."

A spokesman for Swiss chocolatier said: "We have never had a dress made from our chocolate anywhere in the world before, and as Lindor is very popular with females in particular, we feel it's very appropriate."

Linzi at the Cartier event

Linzi looking stunning at the Cartier event

Linzi promotes CLIC sargent

Read all about it here on her Blog

Linzi in pink

And who wouldn;t be in the pink on the beach in Cannes. Link in pink playing the violin - and what a smile

Million Masterpiece

More about Linzi's contribution to Millionmasterpiece (OMM) - her picture of a violin looks great - such a pro.

Miriam Stoppard and Linzi stoppard

What a successful family they are - check out the pair of them on this family photo >>

Linzi Stoppard and the sexy violin

Read all about Linzi on the BMI site >>

Article about Linzi Stoppard

Does she really want to become a mum? I'm not sure with this high flying career - read all about it>>

Thursday, 31 January 2008

The family - pictures of Linzi

Lovely pictures of Linzi Stoppard with her husband, Will Stoppard and mother-in-law, Miriam Stoppard >>

All you wanted to know about Linzi Stoppard

All your questions answered here ...

More about Hugh Heffners party

Linzi plays for Hugh Heffner at his 80th birthday bash

Premier hub - the who's who of premiers

Find out which premiers Linzi has been to at PremierHub

Linzi at London fashion week

Linzi wearing a black and white dress at London fashion week parties. Check her out at >>

watch out for film 'Six month rule' starring Linzi Stoppard

Synopsis: A single guy living in the city follows a set of rules to keep himself from falling in love and getting into a relationship. The “Six Month Rule” refers to the fact that if he can get over someone in six months, then he didn''t really love them in the first place.

Linzi attends Spiderman premier

Violinist Linzi Stoppard attends the Spiderman premmier, shimmering in navy sequin dress. Read about it here >>

Linzi supports The one million masterpiece OMM

Find out all about it at Wiki >>

Linzi goes to shooter premier

British violinist Linzi Stoppard arrives in London's Leicester Square, 29 March 2007, to attend the British premiere of the film "Shooter" directed by Antoine Fuqua of the US. View some pictures of the event >>

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Friday, 25 January 2008

Linzi wears Lindt

More about the Chrismassy / choclatey dress to die for

Linzi in a monochrome dress - Cartier launch

Here she is at the Cartier Jewellery Launch 2007 - Do you think you get any freebies for attending?

Linzi has a BEBO site

Yes, her very own BEBO video site >>

Linzi plays for Hugh Hefner's 80th

Article from the Telegraph:

By Jonathan Isaby

Linzi's luck

Her musical performance at Hugh Hefner's recent 80th birthday party in Cannes was said to be the icing on his birthday cake. But I hear that violinist Linzi Stoppard is making other creative inroads.

The daughter-in-law of playwright Tom Stoppard has secured her first role on the silver screen. "I met the director Stephen L'Heureux after I performed at Hugh's party and he offered me a cameo role in his next film," she tells me.

"I'm excited, as he's worked on some big films. He asked if I'd ever tried acting; I said no, but that I'd love to give it a go, and he offered me a part. It looks as if I'll be filmed playing the violin in a club scene."

Thursday, 24 January 2008

One to watch!

Linzi Stoppard - one to watch on the celebrity circuit

Film Magic photo gallery

Check out - search for linzi and see the gallery of photo's for Linzi Stoppard - particularly the OK Christmas party

YouTube video reaches 135,000 views

She's a popular lady - Over 135,000 on YouTube!

New pictures! of linzi of course

New pictures on the gallery of her website - gorgeous!

New music from Linzi Stoppard

3 new tracks on her site and they are quite impressive - quite nice relaxing melodies

Electric Violinist - Linzi has new myspace

Hear Linzi Stoppard's new tracks - Linzi has paired up with fellow electric violinist Ben Lee to form an unrivalled combination of melodic and contemporary cross-over interpretations of classic tracks.

What a sound!

Electric violinist - Linzi Plays for Links

Electric violinist - Linzi playing at LINKS of London flagship launch in Athens

Linzi moves model agency

Linzi has moved model agency to Models 1 Special Bookings & Management

Check out her latest snaps here >>

About Model 1

Brief History
Models 1 was founded in 1968, with just three models on their books. Now, some 37 years later, the Company has grown to become the largest and most successful agency in Europe and one of the top and most respected agencies in the world.

The Company developed its reputation by discovering and helping to build the careers of girls and boys who have achieved enormous success and international fame. Top models, like Yasmin Le Bon, Jerry Hall, Greta Scaatchi, Twiggy, Karen Elson, Gerard Smith, Charley Speed and Giles Curties all began with Models 1.

Operating Divisions
Models 1 operates through four divisions: Women, Men, New Faces and Personal Management, the latter being responsible not only for celebrities, like Ali MacGraw, Patsy Kensit, Faye Dunaway and Christopher Lee, but also the careers of more established models.

The New Faces division is responsible for finding new models, training them and helping them to get their careers off to the best possible start.

Hair & Make-up was launched in 2002 and represents, as its main focus, some 18 hair and make-up artists, as well as two stylists.

Models 1 has an unimpeachable and responsible attitude to its models. We are determined to nurture and develop their longer term careers, whilst ensuring that they do not run before they can walk. We treat all our models as individuals and put their care, safety and happiness above all else.

We are committed to, and have developed, long-term relationships with models and clients alike.

Models 1 will maintain its outstanding commitment to professionalism in every aspect of its business and, above all, in the discovery, nurture and development of the best models in the world.